Worship at Crossroads is simple.  We honor the Lord with our praise, then we receive His discipleship through the Word of God.  Our worship is full of joy, smiles, and laughter.  Our people are free to worship not only with their voices, but also with their bodies, lifting their hands in praise to our Lord.

After a brief time of welcome and greeting, the amazing Crossroads Praise Team leads the congregation in three or four songs of worship.  These are mostly modern praise songs and choruses, many of which you will hear on the radio today on stations such as Way-FM or K-Love.  We occasionally enjoy a band-adapted rendition of an old hymn.   The Praise team is a full band, with drums, keys, and multiple guitars.  They are gifted and have many years of experience playing together.  We are truly blessed to have this assembly of talented musicians who genuinely desire to connect the worshipers with the One who is worthy of our worship.

After the time of praise, Pastor Geoff Baggett leads in a time of teaching and discipleship.  He does not rant or yell, as is the tradition in much preaching in the South.  Instead, he provides very clear expository teaching from the Word of God.  In order to assist visual learners, Pastor Geoff utilizes teaching slides on the main view screen and and accompanying “fill-in-the-blank” section in the worship guide so that worshipers may take notes for future study.  Pastor Geoff uses a very informal style, often interacting with the congregation with questions and answers.  He loves to tell lots of stories.  And he loves to tell his infamous jokes … even though he’s not that good at it.

We rarely offer a public invitation at the end of worship.  Instead, we give the people a chance to act upon God’s leadership in their lives utilizing a response card in the worship guide and a private time of follow-up.  It is our philosophy of ministry that one’s baptism is their “public stand” for Christ.  Therefore, we have eliminated the Southern tradition and extra barrier of “walking the aisle” in order to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

We invite you to come and get to know us by being out guest in worship.  You will feel right at home at Crossroads … we promise!
Sunday Worship – 10:00am
“Crossroads Critters” Preschool and Kid’s Crossing (K-5thGrade)

Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.” – Psalm 29:2