Haiti Mission Trip: Pre-Trip

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Haiti Mission Trip: Pre-Trip

In 2010, an earthquake struck the capital of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. This killed 250,000 people, injured 300,000 more, and left 1.5 million people homeless. To a country that was already considered third-world, this was surely a death blow. Needless to say, Haiti needs our help.

On December 28th, 2014 a team of 15 went on a mission trip to Haiti. For 11 of us (including myself), this was our first mission trip to Haiti. For the other 4, this trip would be different than the previous ones, because we were working through a different church, Light for Living International Ministries in Carrefour, Haiti.

In our early meetings, the group decided that we would do a medical trip and hand out supplies. After brainstorming some different projects, I felt called to lead a mission project to collect money to buy animals for families in Haiti. I spent hours throughout the two months before the trip organizing my project.

At the beginning, I became discouraged about my animal project. I had given out many flyers, but few had returned with money. I had big goals to go “big scale” with the project, and things were not panning out like I had planned. My mom helped me realize that this was God’s project. He was going to make it as big as he wanted it to be.

A few weeks later, I received my first check in the mail for animals. I was excited! I told my church about my project, and man, did they come through! For about two months straight, I left my church every Sunday with money for animals. By the time I knew it, my records showed that I had hit the $1,000 mark. I was happy!

Through the mail, I started receiving money and my flyer back from people that I didn’t even know. Turns out, they were friends and family members of people that I had originally given flyers to. My records then showed that I had hit the $2,000 mark. I was astounded!

Then, I was approached by WKDZ, our local radio station who wanted to do a 2 minute story on my project. They recorded an interview with me, and played it three times in one day! It was amazing to tune into the station and hear about my project! The texts that I received with people saying, “I heard you on the radio!” was awesome to hear as well.

I was visiting my cousins at Christmas when my phone rang. It was an unknown number. Little did I know, a HUGE donor was on the other line. After talking to this person, I tallied my numbers. Not only was I past the $3,000 mark, I was taking $3,500 to Haiti!

It was an amazing feeling, from doubting that this project would go “large scale,” to eventually having more money than I ever thought I would. This theme of me doubting and God delivering was a huge theme throughout this trip (as you will see). Every time that I doubted God, he delivered with results that were better than I could have only imagined.

With that said, I began to doubt once more. What happens if I can’t get all the animals that I promised everyone? What if I come back empty handed? This was my first international mission trip. What if plans changed drastically from what I had expected?

But then God hit me with a question. “If I provided you with all this money, then why would I allow the work to go unfinished?” I felt peace.

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