Haiti Mission Trip: Post-trip

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Haiti Mission Trip: Post-trip



For me, this whole process was filled with times where I doubted God, or was worried about something, and he came through. He taught me this lesson at the beginning with fundraising, in the middle with my safety on the street, and at the end with the animals. We serve the One, true God who has power over everything. All we have to do is trust that his plan will be carried out, and our hearts will find peace.



To recap, lets run down some numbers. Over our 3 days…10897847_10100756423064429_5593476631142948237_n

-29 people were saved

-600 people received medical care

-800 pounds of supplies were given

-3,000 pounds of rice and beans were given out

-110 animals were purchased (20 goats, 10 pigs, and 80 chickens)


In closing, I would like to leave you with one last thought.

If you’ve listened to a Christian radio station lately, you may have heard of a song called, “Start a Fire” by Unspoken. This song speaks about starting a fire in our souls, igniting a passion for God.

We all have a flame for God, but if we leave it unattended, our fire will slowly start to burn out. The daily routines of our lives, seeing the dreary news on TV, and showing up to weekly Sunday morning church can start to slowly extinguish the flame.

If a fire starts to get dim, what do you do? You throw some fuel on it!

2470320_20140218174401_1799149767In the same way, when you feel like that your fire has been burned out, throw some fuel on it! Put yourself in a situation to see God work in your life or in someone else’s life. Maybe that’s going on a mission trip, sharing Jesus Christ, or jamming to some Christian music on the radio.

Although we shouldn’t live off of constant emotional highs, we need something every once in awhile to pull us out of the routine of our lives. As one member of the team said, “I come back from these trips feeling rejuvenated,” and he is right.

I encourage you to go where God calls you, whether that’s in your city, or abroad. No matter the place, God is in control. I have no doubt.


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