Can You Find A Way?

Posted by on June 18, 2014 in iNam Blog

Can You Find A Way?


Monday- NFL

Tuesday-College Basketball

Wednesday- Nothing?

Thursday-College Basketball

Friday-High School Football

Saturday- College Football and Basketball

During the given times of the year, this is my family’s sports TV schedule. Although there are some people who love sports even more than us, my family enjoys watching NASCAR, basketball, and football. I play football for my high school, Trigg County High School. Our family has to be some of the biggest University of Kentucky fans in this world. My room is decorated with nothing but UK and Tennessee Titans gear.  With that said, a player from a different college team caught my eye.

This player is a football quarterback who played at the University of Florida and is now in the NFL, Mr. Tim Tebow. Tim was a guy who I never really followed much in college. All I knew about him was that he was a good player, (unfortunately, he displayed the majority of his talents against UK). But two years ago, I was invited to hear him speak at Graves County High School. I went, and I have liked him ever since. In fact, I’m currently reading his book, “Through My Eyes.” If you’ve heard anything about Tim Tebow, you know he’s a diehard Christian. Before games, he puts scriptures in his face paint. After a big play, he’s quick to fall on one knee to thank God for his success. He goes all around the country speaking about his faith to people who want to listen.

To the sports community, he isn’t so loved. He’s often ridiculed and criticized for displaying his faith the way he does. His own teammate said, “I wish Tebow would shut up after a game. I think when he accepts the fact that we all know he loves Jesus Christ, then I think I’ll like him a little better…. I would just rather not have to hear that every time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff.” His play on the field may be up for question, but no one should question his faith. He genuinely wants to influence as many people as he can on the faith front. And who are we to tell someone that they need to keep silent about Jesus, or even to a whisper? Do you think Jesus died on the cross so that no one would believe in him? Obviously not. Jesus said in Acts 1;8, “You will be my witnesses. You will tell people about me.”

In thinking about Tim’s situation, I have one question. Do we find enough ways to show God in our lives? It’s obvious, but Tim found a way.

nascar-and-prayerIf you’ve ever seen a NASCAR race, (and you aren’t one of those people who think it’s just a bunch of cars just making left turns), then you may have seen them pray before a race. To me, that still shows that some people on a big stage find it important to talk to the LORD before a big event. NASCAR finds a way.

Although, you don’t even have to be on a big stage to see God work in sports. For example, mentioned I played football. We have one night a week after practice where we get together and hear a short devotion. We pray before we eat, and we say the Lord’s Prayer before a game. To some people on our team, it’s no big deal and they don’t really care to participate. But, it just might open up the door for at least one person to ask questions, and that one person is worth it. Trigg finds a way.

I am beginning to realize that God puts people in situations (stardom, wealth, friendship, relationships, mentorships etc.) for a reason. Maybe that reason is to comfort, advise, or to share Jesus Christ. For Tim Tebow, its painting scriptures under his eyes. For NASCAR, it’s a prayer. For the Trigg County Wildcats, it’s a get-together on Wednesday nights. Whatever it may be, God has His ways of using you to complete a task. It’s our jobs as Christians to pray for those opportunities, to read the bible to be prepared, and to be willing to trust him through what ever He has planned. Here is the real question. Can you find a way?