Update on Pastor Teodolfo

Posted by on July 11, 2013 in Pastor's Blog

Update on Pastor Teodolfo

As our Peru team prepares to depart on Saturday, I thought that everyone might like an update on our friend, Pastor Teodolfo.

You will recall that he was in a horrific auto accident a couple of months ago.  The care in which he was traveling left the roadway and careened down the side of a mountain.  Apparently, all others in the car perished.  He received major trauma, including head injuries.

As best I could translate from Edmin’s last message, Teodolfo has awakened, but has tremendous difficulty with his vision.  He remains hospitalized in Lima.  I cannot imagine the financial catastrophe this will wind up being for him and his family when the city hospital bills come due.

But, meanwhile … we pray for his continued recovery.  He is a wonderful man of God, a faithful preacher of the Gospel, and an effective church planter.  We need fifty more men like him in Pachitea.

Side Note – If you look at our “slider” at the top of our main page, you will see Teodolfo!  He is the one baptizing people in the lake in Peru!  Pretty cool.

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