Show Me Your Will, God – on My Terms Please.

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Ever been told: “You sell your kids short”? People make those sorts of judgements when they feel, say, a coach or teacher or parent are keeping things from their kids… like healthy-yet-challenging expectations or maybe a deeper relationship.

What about us selling our God short? Ever do that? I think we do. I won’t speak for others but I’ll go ahead and lay myself out here… yeah, I’ve done it.

Why? Well, it may be a faith thing… yaknow, where you want Him to show but aren’t sure if He’ll cooperate with your wishes. …… OR you might “fear man” over “fearing God” (in other words, you’re more concerned how ‘others’ look at you than your Jesus)

But here’s some truth: If you’re a Christian, you know that God is supernatural. If you know this, then you can find it a little easier to believe that he can transform people.

The link posted is the article from the former lesbian I read tonight at iNam.

What a profound statement:

“I expected that in all areas of life, understanding came before obedience. And I wanted God to show me, on my terms, why homosexuality was a sin. I wanted to be the judge, not one being judged.

But the verse promised understanding after obedience. I wrestled with the question: Did I really want to understand homosexuality from God’s point of view, or did I just want to argue with him?”


This. Is. Us! We, imperfect sinners, want to understand before we obey. C’mon! We do this as kids! You teenagers do it! – “Why! WHY? can’t I drive here/go there/hang with her/date him???? WHY! I don’t understand! [if I understood, I might obey].”

Rosario (the former-lesbian article author) discovered it. God knows what He’s doing; Obedience first… then understanding.

My gosh! WHat a deep discovery. My facebook friends are MANY – the ones that are expecting everyone to tell them their sin is benign – or explain why it’s sin. Hey. It ain’t gonna happen. My fb friends aren’t going to understand (the ones I often mention, who don’t believe in my supernatural God). There after things in the backwards order.

So… the ‘take home’ from this: “Obedience … before understanding.”


Next up: your mission statements: