Lessons From the Past – True Liberty and Freedom

Posted by on January 22, 2013 in Pastor's Blog

Lessons From the Past – True Liberty and Freedom

photo credit: Bella Remy

Most folk around Crossroads know that I am into genealogy research.  I spend quite a bit of my “off time” in the evenings working on historical research and working to make genealogical connections.

Lately I’ve been researching an ancestor named Drury Baggett.  I discovered that he enlisted in the 2nd North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line in 1781.  His rank was, “musician,” which meant he played either the drum, the fife, or the bugle.  These instruments weren’t for entertainment.  They were actually used for marching cadence and for signaling orders over the loud din of battle.  He was right there, in the thick of it, and fought in the last major battle in the southern theater of the war, the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, on September 8, 1781.

Oh … and did I mention that he was twelve years old when he enlisted?

How amazing is that?

One of my Baggett ancestors, at age 12, picked up his musical instrument and a musket and walked into battle to provide me with the liberty that I now enjoy.  He battled for my freedom.

But that is nothing when compared to the liberty that I enjoy because of what Jesus Christ did for me.  He picked up His cross and walked up the hill called Calvary.  He laid down His life so that I could be set free from my sins.

And that is freedom, indeed.