Your 10 Things

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This post concerns the top 10 things that you students value in life.  The link will take you to the result of a sort of visual total of everything.

Notice some things.  Like, what ranked the highest.  Do you know what that means? That means that more than one person – much more than one person – thought of their family as ranking in their top 10 list of “Things I Value the Most.” Most likely, number one or two (but these lists weren’t required to be in any particular order).

What’s the ongoing lesson here?  NO ONE can “begin at the end” if they don’t have a vision for anything to come

No one can have a vision without some true and real thought invested into his/her own purpose

……… and no one can develop a purpose statement without first nailing down the things he/she values.

That was the assignment. Just 10 things.  At least 10.  What do you value?